Monday, December 1, 2008

life update

Hmmm so yea, i know only like three people actually read this thing but i thought i should maybe post an update on here- just for you three cool kids, lol.

So yea, i guess firstly ill address why ive been pretty scarce on youtube, it's cuz ive just moved, to an awesome house. It's really wicked and right on the beach and even though its like freezing cold now it's still just the most fun ever, im having the best time of my life here. :)

So yea, next up on the 'list of life' ive been looking around for a job. I really wanna end up doing something with kids but that just doen't look like it's going to happen so ill probably just end up with as a cashier or something random like that. Oh well, not really a big deal cuz im just going to quit before the summer starts anyway so I can go back to my camp to be a camp counselor and then after that I'm going to Australia. :)

So aside from all that ive basically just been job hunting and playing my ukulele a lot, learned a load of new songs, care for me to list them all for you? yes? ok then:

1."I Can See Clearly Now" - Johnny Nash
2."5 Years Time" - Noah & The Whale
3."FUN" - Spongebob Squarepants
4."I'm a Believer" - The Monkees
5."Complicated" - Avril Lavigne
6."Ring of Fire" - Johnny Cash
7."Afternoon Delight" - as seen in "Anchorman
8."You're Beautiful" - James Blunt (Tabs)
9."Adams Family Theme Song
10."Can You Feel the Love Tonight" - Elton John
11."He's Got the Whole World
12."Amazing Grace
13."Vampire" - Antsy Pants
14."Iron Man" - Black Sabbath
15."Wild Thing" - Chip Taylor
16."Tree Hugger" - Kimya Dawson & Antsy Pants
17."I'm Yours" - Jason Mraz
18."On Top of Spaghetti
19."Camptown Races
20."You're a Grand Old Flag
21."Build Me Up Buttercup" - The Foundations
22."Bleeding Love" - Leona Lewis
23."Foundations" - Kate Nash
24."Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" - The Flaming Lips
25."Happy Days
26."Happy Birthday
27."Puff the Magic Dragon
28."Silent Night
29."We Wish you a Merry Christmas
30."You are My Sunshine
31."Santa Claus is Coming to Town
32."Apple Blossom" - White Stripes
33."London Bridge is Falling Down
34."Fix You" - Coldplay
35."I'll Follow the Sun" - Beatles
36."The Universe Song" - Monty Python
37."Butterfly Nets" - Bishop Allen
39."Get Your Kicks on Route 66
40."What is Love" - Haddaway
41."Wannabe" - Spice Girls
42."Down Under" - Men at Work
43."Boulevard of Broken Dreams" - Greenday
43."I Kissed a Girl" - Katy Perry
(yes i know there are two '43's but i messed up and put two in my songbook so i guess i should put both on here, lol)
44."Where are We Running" - Lenny Kravitz
45."Fat Bottomed Girls" - Queen
46."Clocks" - Coldplay
47."Rise and Shine
48."Peace Like a River
50."Blessed be Your Name
51."Undignified (I Will Dance, I Will Sing)
52."You are Holy
53."Pharaoh Pharaoh
54."Somewhere over the Rainbow
55."I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
56."Lord I Lift Your Name on High
57."He's my Rock, My Sword, My Shield
58."Hallelujah(Your Love Makes Me Sing)
59."Jesus Loves Me
60."Open the Eyes of my Heart
61."The Fool Who Ripped His Pants" - Spongebob Squarepants
62."Grace Like Rain
64."Beautiful Girls" - Sean Kingston
65."The Happy Song
66."The Heart of Worship
67."Where I Stood" - Missy Higgins
68."Viva La Vida" - Coldplay
69."Beautiful One
70."Here I am to Worship
72."You're My Best Friend" - Queen
73."In Christ Alone
74."Shout to the Lord
75."Fly Me to the Moon
76."500 Miles" - The Proclaimers
77."You are King(Amazing Love)
78."Cartoon Song" - Chris Rice
79."Family Guy Theme Song
80."Apologize" - Timbaland
81."So Nice So Smart" - Kimya Dawson
82."All the Same" - Sick Puppies
83."Awesome God"
84."In This Diary" - The Ataris
85."Your Guardian Angel" - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
86."Hot 'N Cold" - Katy Perry
87."Come(Now is the Time to Worship)"
89."Every Move I Make"
90."Breathe 2am" - Anna Nalick
91."Deck the Halls"
92."Yellow" - Coldplay
93."Kokomo" - Beach Boys
94."Sorry" - Buckcherry
95."Let it Be" - Beatles
96."Hey There Delilah" - The Plain White T's
97."I'll Be Home for Christmas"
98."Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"
99."I'll Never Fall in Love Again"
100."In My Place" - Coldplay
101."It's a Small World"
102."Hey Jude" - Beatles
103."You're Beautiful" - James Blunt (Chords)

Ok so I guess that wasn't neccesary but oh well, now you know. :P
So yea, i guess I'll just get back to relaxing on the beach now,
catchya later. :)


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