Friday, September 19, 2008


Ummmmm, so yea it's been like 5 months since my last post on here- actually its been exactly 5 months, to the day! haha sweet- i swear i didnt plan that at all, weird... Anyway so yea um what should i be putting here? Well maybe ill just start from where i left off in my last blog and go from there.

So yea, the rest of april was nice, and then in may i got my new awesome camera Azzy (its a Canon Powershot S5) and yea it totally rocks. So then may and june were fun, went to school, hung out with people, went on a little road trip for a weekend, to the beach a couple times, fishing, swimming, crashed a couple hotel pools one day, dressed up like hippies and tried to start up a commune at my school football field (good times), and slept in a parking lot one night just for the hell of it... you know- the normal stuff.

Haha, so yea after we got all that out of our system and school ended i started my job as a camp counselor. It was so much fun, and the kids were great, and it was just awesome!! Cant wait to do it again next year, its gonna be even awesomer.

So then after camp i brought a whole bunch of the counselors who had been working at my camp with me but who lived in other countries and needed a place to chill until their flights back to my house to hang at my place. We pretty much just had like the best time ever... None of them had ever heard of "Dairy Queen" so i made sure to bring them there- which they loved. Then we spent a lot of time chillin' at my friend's house cuz they have a huge place and a pool so that was fun. We also went to new york city one day, saw the statue of liberty, times square, they got to experience the subway system(lol), it was just a lot of fun. And then aside from that we went fishing, to the zoo, the beach, and just a bunch of other random cool things.

Iris Sophia
Tara(ME!) Sujin

But now they've all left to go back to their respective countries and all my friends are now off at school so im left alone to entertain myself, and get a job- i really need to do that, lol, like soon. So yea i guess that's it for now, hopefully i didnt put you to sleep with my random babble- catchya later.

P.S. be sure to keep up with my vlogs on youtube, ill be posting them semi-regularly from now on (or at least until something happens to make me stop, lol. just kiddin').

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