Friday, April 11, 2008

So bored right now... it's like crazy

Ugh so yea im bored. And since I haven't made a new blog posty thingy in like a long time and I'm sitting in a public library with nothing to do I thought I might update this page a bit.
Well actually that's not totally true. You see if I wanted to I could totally go on my facebook right now, and I really want to, but there's this totally weird guy sitting next to me that keeps spying on my screen (READ THIS LOSER!) so I'm not really feeling like I would want him to see my page. Argh... he's really annoying- and just weird.
So yea anyway, um this week has been decently interesting. Last weekend I went to Outback, an Australian themed resturant chain, twice, lol. Well it was with two different groups but still, it was random. And I had the same waitress both times, which was fun. The first time I was there with my friends she was putting on a really bad fake aussie accent but when I went back with another group of people she had like a really strong 'jersey' accent- haha. It was entertaining. Anyway so yea that was fun, and both times they sang happy birthday to me and gave me free ice-cream, even my bday actually isn't until tomorrow(the 12th).

Hmmm, what else did I do? Oh yea my friend Katie came and stayed at my place overnight, and i know that doesn't seem like its a big deal at all but she lives about an hour away so yea, it was kind of a big thing. Anyway, it was cool even though she's probably one of the most annoying people I've ever had to deal with...(Haha jk Katie- love you). So yea, we chilled, say a really crappy school musical, made a video (duh), went to visit this cool wildlife center by my house and saw all the little cutie animals, took the train back to her town (while i annoyed all our fellow train riders with my less than excellent ukulele playing, lol), and then once we were in her town we got some awesome macadameia (wahhh?) cookies and then walked to her place. *sigh* Good times.
And then the rest of this week has been pretty normal/boring. You know, school and all that. Except that today I kind of got bored of school so I "peaced" (it means left :]) with some friends and spent the afternoon playing guitar hero and wrestling some dogs. And now I'm just sitting in the library waiting for time to pass by so I can go home without seeming like i cut school. So yea, don't tell my parents. :D Thanks

Hasta luego,
Tara aka squirrelygurl

Today's bible verse: (thanks again facebook! [yea i totally still went on facebook, take that weird guy!!])
1 John 4:19
"We love because he first loved us."

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