Saturday, March 8, 2008

Everything you could ever want to know- and more, about the squirreliest of gurls (me :P)::

What's your name? Tara
How old are you? 17. 18 april the 12th
Where are you from? United States, New Jersey to be more specific
Oh cool, ever been to new york city? Yea loads of times, I live like less then an hour away

*The "Got any..." questions::

Pets? Yep. A cat, Kitty and a hamster, Lela.
Siblings? Yea like a whole bunch... there's a lot of them
Cars? I wish, don't even have my license yet... I really should do that...
Mobile Phones? Yea I have a pink chocolate. It's an LG by verizon, and it's awesome
Game stations/consoles/electronic play thingies (wat? how am i supposed to kno what they are referred to as- geez...)? Um I don't really use anything besides the computer but I have been known to bust out some tricks on guitar hero on our Playstation. And then my younger siblings have a Wii and then 2 of my brothers are saving up for an xbox so they'll have that soon. Oh and I also have a Gameboy, it's awesome. On long plane flights I play Pokemon yellow- it's awesome!

*The "What's your favorite..." questions::

Color? Pink
Color (that appears in the rainbow!)? Blue or green... one of them
Food? Pesto (it's a sauce you put on pasta, our family makes it home-made cuz we rock)
Meal? Pesto and Salmon. We only have that on really special occasions. (I mean, come on- it's salmon, that stuff ain't cheap) lol
Band? Hmm probably Queen, but the foo fighters rock too.
Singer? As of right now, like this moment in time, I would say Mika. You can blame my aussie friend Ally for that one. lol
Class (in school)? History, I might wanna become a history teacher- not sure though...
Animal? A harbor seal. DUH!

*Got anymore questions??
Send me an e-mail, or a message on msn, to and I'll get back to you ASAP. :D